November 25, 2015



To whom it may concern:


When we purchased our first home in 2009, we were the proud parents of one child with another on the way. Little could we have imagined the deep well of memories we would build together upon closing escrow and receiving our keys to what we would affectionately refer to as Casa Merry Quartet. Well, our quartet soon became a quintet and we re-named our home Casa Merry Quintet. Space became an issue. We considered re-modeling but were not willing to endure the endless months of construction so upon the recommendation of our outstanding mortgage broker, Jason Thibodeau, we contacted Adam and Christine Rodell.


We started the process of searching for our new home in early 2015. Of course, before buying our next home, we had to sell our first home. Adam and Christine prepared a thorough marketing plan for Casa Merry Quintet including a spot on price analysis. Next, Christine walked us through the process of preparing our home for showing. As you might imagine, showing a home with three littles living under one roof can be…challenging. She worked magic in helping us transform our cluttered home into one ready to sell, remaining patient and accommodating yet firm with us throughout the process. After entertaining several competitive offers, we found the right buyer and opened escrow.


This is when things got interesting. Being fully contingent, we were not really able to begin looking for our next home until our first home entered into escrow. That being said, Adam worked with us well in advance to get a sense of which homes suited our needs and tastes. We saw many homes together virtually and in person. This lead preparation time allowed us to shrewdly evaluate the available inventory and determine which home best met our needs within our budget. We were able to move quickly to make an offer on a home that fortuitously came on the market as we were wrapping up negotiations with our home in-hand. And the rest, as they say, is history.


What stood out most about working with Adam and Christine is that we always felt that they were there for us. Whether it was working out how to de-clutter our home, writing an offer for the next home, or getting settled into our new home, Adam and Christine never failed to show us the individual attention and coaching we needed to take that next step. Selling and buying a home is fraught with stress. Having our friends, Adam and Christine, guide us along the way made it less stressful and kind of fun. As primary care physicians, this personal attention is something we value immensely. We are proud to offer our highest endorsement of Adam and Christine Rodell as your personal realtors for selling and/or buying a home.


During this Thanksgiving season, we are thankful for the opportunity to work with good people, like Adam and Christine, who are honest, hard working, and humanistic.







Jay W. Lee, MD, MPH                                                                     Sumina Fukami, MD

Family Physician                                                                            Pediatrician





To Buyers and Sellers considering the real estate services of Adam and Christine Rodell: 

When you hire Adam and Christine Rodell, you get the perfect real-estate yin-yang:  Adam is the consummate, high-level, professional, real-estate expert and contract negotiator; and Christine is the warm, dynamic visionary of what your home can be.  This is our story.

Words cannot begin to express the profound appreciation and gratitude we have for Adam and Christine Rodell.  We first met Adam in 2007 when he was the seller’s agent in the transaction to purchase our Huntington Beach home at 17161 Golden View Lane.  While we were represented by another agent, Adam greatly impressed us when he TWICE salvaged our purchase during that transaction.  This revealed two things to us about Adam Rodell:  1) Adam is keenly aware that there are families, and not just numbers, involved in every home purchase; 2) Adam is a fair and sharp negotiator and knows how to balance the give and take in every negotiation.  We never forgot how he treated us with ultimate respect even though we were represented by another agent, and how he went above and beyond to help ensure the purchase of a home we had fallen in love with.

Fast forward to 2015 when we anticipated a 1,200 mile relocation.  We interviewed two different Huntington Beach agents to compare services and, as anticipated, we went with Adam and Christine.  During that first interview, the Rodells spent over two hours with us talking about their services, answering our questions and giving us a glimpse into their ideas to expedite and maximize the sale of our home.  Although highly anticipated, we stipulated in our listing agreement we would not sell if the relocation did not come through.  The Rodells spent many hours with us discussing upgrade ideas and they facilitated procuring bids from their bevy of contractors so we could hit the ground running once we received the green light on our relocation.  To our utter shock, our relocation fell through and we did not move forward with the listing of our home.  But we were left with great respect for the high level of service provided by the Rodells and knew without a doubt that when the time came they would be our agents.

Fast forward one full year, and we finally have a relocation plan executed.  Now to sell our home!  We contacted Adam and Christine and picked up almost exactly where we left off the prior year -- and we bore witness to an astounding team that works in perfect synchronicity.  Due to the nature and extent of our home upgrade (which involved a complete kitchen remodel including the removal of a wall to create a great-room; cutting into the kitchen concrete to run new electrical lines; painting inside and out; laying new flooring throughout the house; increasing our curb appeal, etc.) Adam and Christine suggested it would be significantly less intrusive to our lives if we focused on our relocation (no small feat!) and allowed them to oversee the work once we vacated our home.  We were flabbergasted at the idea and couldn’t fathom the notion that real estate agents would go that far above and beyond traditionally expected levels of service.  They even offered to front the cost of our remodeling if necessary and receive reimbursement at the close of escrow!

Creating an inviting and warm, welcoming home, and staging it perfectly, is when you get the expertise of Christine Rodell.  Christine’s years in the real estate market mingled with her keen eye for color and design gives you an expert in what looks amazing along with what sells.  Although she consulted with us on every concept and idea, we trusted Christine to make every upgrade decision -- and it paid off in spades!  From the counters, handles, knobs and lighting, to the flooring, kitchen and fireplace tiling, window coverings, painting and gardening, we owe a debt of gratitude for Christine’s inexhaustible effort to literally create a new home experience that boosted us to receive a selling price that was shockingly above what we had anticipated.  All while keeping an eye on the budget.  She was absolutely astounding in her level of expertise and service.  We are still in awe of her!

When our remodel was finished in just a few short weeks, it was an absolute masterpiece!  Adam and Christine took a sow’s ear and transformed it into a stunning model home.  Now to get it to market!  After many discussions and with Adam’s well-informed counsel on where to price it, Adam listed our home on the MLS in the late afternoon on a Wednesday for $745,000.  Within 36 hours we received OUR FIRST FULL-PRICE OFFER!  And we still had the Broker’s Preview and Open House to go!

It was a whirlwind weekend!  We received several notifications from Zillow that said our listing was the number one listing in online views over the course of the following week with several thousand views in just a few short days.  The Open House was extremely busy with potential buyers and interested neighbors coming to check out the new neighborhood masterpiece.  From the MLS listing Wednesday through the end of the weekend, we received THREE full-price offers (and at least one that was not full-price) that resulted in a bidding war for our home!  Throughout the entire experience, Adam was the practiced professional keeping everyone calm throughout this perfect storm.  In the end, we sold our home for $767,000 – nearly $100,000 over what the comps had said it would likely sell for had we sold it as-is.

We are now settled in a new home in Washington state.  We have closed escrow and our former home is now in the hands of a new family.  Reflecting on our experience with Adam and Christine, it amazes us that what could have been a long, stressful experience, involving a nearly complete home remodel and sale, and relocation of our family 1,200 miles and all that entails, was not.  In fact, it was the complete opposite.  Adam and Christine took every single stress off our hands and handled it with class, style and ease.  We trusted their invaluable expertise and advice and implemented every idea they had – and it paid off tremendously.  Topping it off was the utter surprise of selling our home for its absolute top dollar.  We owe a debt of gratitude to the Rodells and cannot recommend their services highly enough. 

We welcome any questions prospective buyers or sellers have about the flawless, professional services of Adam and Christine Rodell.  We can be reached at (714) 392-9494.

With deep gratitude and profound respect,

~Scott and Monica Berry



To Whom it may concern,



I would like to recommend to you that if you are in need of a home or need to hire a Realtor in Southern California that you strongly consider using Adam and Christine Rodell. I just purchased a home with them and they are true professionals and worked very hard to help me. But why is this recommendation so different from most?


What is different is that I have been a real estate broker for 30 years in another state and owned a very large company with over 350 sales people and we sold over 50,000 homes in the 27 years I owned the company.  I was also an active agent as well as the broker for over 20 years listing and selling homes.  So when I recommend the Rodells, I know what I am talking about.  I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to Realtors.


Beyond just giving good service they are extremely knowledgeable about the market and the paperwork. This process has become too complex and time consuming for the average person to deal with and be good at it. There is too much at risk to be a “do it yourself” buyer or seller in this day and age.


I have found that a good husband and wife team of agents is often the best way to go. Christine and Adam each have different strengths that make them a great team and no single agent I know can match the two of them combined.


They also know everyone you will need to help you with the home buying or selling process since they have been in the business for so long. Their thoughtfulness and the follow up after the close of escrow have also been impressive as well.


Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.



Mike West




For Additional Letters Of Recommendation, please feel free to see our many Zillow reviews.  We look forward to helping you and your family reach your real estate goals!




























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